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April 14, 2011
Vigilant 6.7 Released

Version 6.7 of vigilant video surveillance solution has just been released; this version incorporates new features that include:

  • Vigilant Elite Hybrid NVR platform
  • New Vigilant NetStream 7304 & 8302B support
  • Sanyo HD IP camera support
  • Messoa IP camera support
  • Mobotix megapixel camera support
  • Privacy mask support for various vendors
  • Windows 7 support
  • Spanish language support
  • Vigilant Case Reviewer multi player support
  • NetView Audit Trail

Here are some more details on the features:

Vigilant Elite Hybrid NVR platform

Vigilant’s Elite™ Hybrid Series provides a seamless recording solution for both analog and IP video surveillance environments.

By combining analog and IP capabilities in a single platform, users can leverage their existing analog system while implementing the latest IP video
technology. The Elite Hybrid can support up-to 32 analog channels based on H.264 video compression as well as wide range of IP cameras including
HD/Megapixel and enables onboard storage of 22TB and external storage support of additional 60 TB.

New Vigilant NetStream 7304 & 8302B support

Vigilant ™ NetStream 7304 is a fixed dome network camera specially designed for indoor environments, offering H.264 data compression characteristics combined with on-board video content analysis, in a cost-effective package.
Vigilant™ NetStream 7304  is  equipped with  a  CMOS-based  image sensor for enhanced performance in low light environment as well as day\night feature
for a superior performance in night mode.

Vigilant™ NetStream 8203B is an indoor dome megapixel IP camera for professional security surveillance solutions. utilizing H.264 NetStream 8203B delivers a 2 megapixel
resolution (1600X1200), while maintaining  significant  lower  bandwidth  and storage  capacity.  The camera  series  was  designed  to  seamlessly
work in an IP environment  incorporating  the 802.3af  standard  for Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Sanyo HD IP camera support

Vigilant now support the Sanyo HD IP cameras series that consist of HD Network box cameras and dome with 30 fps at 1080P.
The current cameras that were tested:

  • VCC-HD2100P
  • VCC-HD3100
  • VCC-HD3500

Messoa IP camera support
Vigilant now support the Messoa line of IP cameras including the MPEG-4 & H.264 including the megapixel.

The current cameras that were tested:

  • NDF 820
  • NCR 870
  • NDF 821/831
  • NDR 891
  • NCB 855

Mobotix megapixel camera support

Vigilant now support the Mobotix line of megapixel cameras, the integration was based on the MxPEG video compression of Mobotix.
The current cameras that were tested:
  • Hemispheric  Q24
  • DualDome D12

Privacy mask support for various vendors

Vigilant NetView now supports Privacy mask, the privacy mask mode that enables the administrators to define non-visible areas of the video image.
The following brands are supported:

  • Vigilant NetStream IP Cameras & Encoders (29xx series and 7xxx series)
  • Axis IP cameras & Encoders
  • Panasonic IP cameras
  • Sony IP cameras
  • ArecontVision megapixel cameras
  • Sanyo megapixel cameras

Windows 7 support

Windows 7 is now supported for all vigilant clients including NetView, ViewStation, Case reviewer and Case creator center.

Spanish language support

Both vigilant NetView and ViewStation now support Spanish GUI and will enable all Spanish users easier usage. The Spanish is the 10th
languages being support by vigilant client software.

Vigilant Case Reviewer multi player support

Our offline investigation viewer had been added with a multi player support, the new version enable to synchronize and display up-to 16 videos.

NetView Audit Trail

Vigilant NetView™ Video Surveillance Center is a fully digital, robust management solution that improves decision-making capabilities, resulting in a
higher efficiency, with less probability for human error. The Audit trail enables the system administrator to track all performed actions within the
NetView control center and to export the information into Excel, PDF or CSV.

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